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South Florida Booting, serving Palm Beach County since 2002 for private businesses, communities and DUI immobilization.

Our History

South Florida Booting is THE premiere parking enforcement company serving Palm Beach County for over 18 years! We use immobilization as an alternative to towing vehicles on any private property, gated/non-gated community or luxury condo. Proudly serving over 40 locations in Palm Beach County with a fleet of 4 trucks operating 24/7.

License Plate Recognition

The future of parking enforcement! Our license plate recognition system is perfect for private communities/residences and luxury condos. We produce detailes reports of exactly who is on your property and when, as well as enforce property parking rules. Call us today to hear more and request a live demonstration!

Our Promise

Our unmatched professionalism is top notch in the realm of parking enforcement. We operate in adherance to all city/county ordinances and laws. Staying up to date with all necessary licensure to operate as an immobilzation company, as well as business insurance and workers comp for all of our agents.

Why Choose Booting?

  • No vehicle damage liability.
  • More cost efficient than a tow.
  • Less upsetting to violator than a tow.
  • After hour patrolling and enforcement provided.
  • Parking compliance increased.
  • We operate 24 hours per day – 7 days a week.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • Immediate response times.
  • All immobilization agents are fully trained, uniformed and undergo full background and drug screening.
  • We are compliant with applicable ordinances and laws and Florida State Statutes 316.193.

Vehicles that are immobilized on private property must pay a fee to have the boots released.

DUI Booting

South Florida Booting Inc. is proud to be listed as a DUI immobilization provider in Palm Beach County.

Below you will see our competitive rates of service.

DUI Booting Rates

  • 10 day – $100
  • 30 day – $150
  • 90 day – $225

Private Property Booting

South Florida Booting uses immobilization as an alternative to towing vehicles on any private property, gated/non-gated community or luxury condo. Booting is much better from a liability standpoint and sets an example for parking violators. When people see cars that have been booted, they start following the rules to avoid being booted themselves. When a car is towed, nobody sees it because it is gone. Towing also can add liability issues and really can upset a resident which of course can cause a major headache for property management.

Contact South Florida Booting to learn about their Parking Management and Parking Enforcement programs.

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