South Florida Booting is a full service parking management company. Our less invasive approach helps property managers achieve full parking compliance with no liability issues. To be more specific, people will see violator’s cars with boots on them and will end up following the rules in order to avoid getting booted themselves. By contrast; when you tow a car, nobody sees it, but when you boot a car, it gets seen by many people and people talk about it.

Parking management is handled by a fixed list of long term parking permits and guest parking permits for vehicles that are temporarily there or new to the lot. Long term or permanent parking is entered into our database. Our database is managed online and is accessed automatically whenever our patrol vehicles enter your parking areas. These vehicles are equipped with a license plate recognition system that communicates with our database to see if that vehicle belongs there. The LPR system also tracks how long a vehicle parks there so we can boot people that violate 2-3 hour parking zones or use your parking areas for all day parking and then commute, etc.


Imagine getting rid of all parking violators and clearing up more spaces for people who are supposed to park.

There is no reason for you to continue having zero accountability for parking violators.

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